Energy therapy with Reiki and Prana Healing

Energy therapy. We came across Reiki and Prana Healing years ago while seeking effective wellness treatments. They are not merely trendy wellness phenomena, but the result of centuries-old knowledge about the flow of energy in the human body. 


Reiki is a very old art of healing, which was rediscovered by the Christian monk Dr. Mikao Usui. Through the simple placing of hands, for example, life energy is transmitted. The aim of Reiki is holistic physical and spiritual healing. Reiki helps to strengthen the self-healing power of the body and to recover quicker from illness. The term Reiki is derived from the Japanese words rei (universe/cosmos) and ki (life energy). 


Duration of treatment 60 minutes: EURO 53,-




Prana (breath of life) is regarded in Hindu teaching as life, life force or a universal vital energy. PranaVita is a non-contact, energetic art of healing, during which the Prana therapist absorbs Prana or life energy with a caring and empathetic frame of mind, and transmits this to him or herself and to other people, in order to enhance self-healing power and access to one's own strength and harmonious health. 
Prana is absorbed through our chakras and distributed through the body via the meridians. 

Duration of treatment 60 minutes: EURO 53,-


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