Vitalised Grander water

Grander Wasser aus Überzeugung - belebtes Wasser im ganzen Hotel Lindenhof

Nothing is added to or taken away from Grander water. The resulting vitalised water has properties featured in few natural waters. It develops a particularly high resistance against external influences. 

This valuable natural asset flows throughout Hotel Lindenhof and we have had excellent experiences with it:



The beneficial effects of arolla pine

Arolla pine (Lat. Pinus Cembra) has been indigenous to the Nockberge and the Bad Kleinkirchheim region for thousands of years and is a significant feature of the landscape. It is a very hardy tree that grows in the high mountains and can reach an age of up to 1000 years. Therefore it is often also called the "queen of the Alps". 


Locals have for a long time used the wood of the arolla pine tree for furnishing their living rooms and bedrooms, appreciating the soothing and beneficial effects of arolla pine. 

At Lindenhof you will encounter this wonderful wood throughout. 


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