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Lindenhof sauna & water world

time to relax, let go and feel good!

At Lindenhof a small but exquisite wellness and water world awaits you. With sauna variations, a steam bath, infrared cabin and a 31-degree natural stone whirlpool.


Angelika Nindler herself is involved in the comprehensive range of massages and treatments.


Whether it is after a hike or a bike tour, on a dull rainy day or just like that - a bit of wellness always feels good. Warmth, water, peace and quiet and a good book are enough to take you away to another world.

360° view

Our wellness facilities

Find your personal source of energy and choose from:


  • Natural stone whirlpool with 31°C Grander water
  • Sauna variations (Finnish sauna, crystal salt & herbal sauna)
  • Steam bath
  • Infrared cabin
  • Relaxing water bed

Sauna & steam bath variations

Our sauna cabins variously feature Himalaya crystal salt, arolla pine shavings or dried herbs from the Nockberge. Depending on the application, the temperature varies between 90 and 55 degrees.


There is a Grander water bed for floating, while visual treats are provided by the beautiful paintings by the artist Tina Jakl.

Natural stone whirlpool

Our natural stone whirlpool is the heart of our exclusive little water world.


Filled wth 31-degree Granderwasser, surrounded by Krastal marble stone blocks and with a unique dark blue starry sky above, it guarantees complete relaxation.


A floor spring, air massage and water massage ensure additional features in the big top-class whirlpool.



Revitalised Grander water

What is exceptional about Grander water is that this it has features that only few waters in nature itself display.


This valuable natural resource, which we have had excellent experiences with since the year 2000, flows throughout the whole of Hotel Lindenhof.


Special features

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What's going on at the Lindenhof?


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