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Blog Post & Hotel Recommendation

The well-known blogger Björn Ahrndt recommended our Landhotel Lindenhof in his blog at


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Report in the A la Carte Magazin

The prestigious German A la Carte Magazine has published an exciting report about our Landhotel Lindenhof: 


Read it here.


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On the move at the Landhotel Lindenhof

About biking in the Nocky Mountains and a weekend getaway just the way we like it.


Here's the story


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Interview with Boss Hannes

The exciting interview with our Lindenhof boss Hannes Nindler is about dishes with history.


Après-bike moments

Finally back on the bike! The introductory tour to Feldpannalm was just the right thing for us two girls. We conquered the 750 altitude metres in two hours and at the sunny

Rieserhütte we enjoyed the best Kaiserschmarren in the region. Thank goodness we ordered just one portion to share, as the pan is quite something. Back to the lake, we chose the Bachweg Trail which was enough of a challenge for us, as we are far from being professionals.


The biker lounge at the lakeside beach is the declared destination after the tour.




After enjoying the trail, we headed straight to the lake. Of course, we took our precious bikes with us as far as the water, so they did not remain unattended. But before we treated ourselves to a refreshing drink from the well-stocked fridge and laughed about some of the tricky spots on the trail. And then we took a dip in the water...

Plays of light on Kirchenplatz

When you are situated in the village centre, it usually involves a long history. We do not want to recount it all but simply say: "We have loved what we do for 5 generations." We are an uncomplicated holiday home for all bikers, gourmets, couples, world travellers... Always seeking to combine tradition with modernity and offer high quality.



Evening sun at Kirchenplatz in Feld am See





The early summer is something special for me. Just the light is unique - gentle, clear and fascinatng. When the sun wanders over Mirnock in the afternoon, it bathes Lindenhof in a beautiful light. In this atmosphere, the local pale ale tastes particularly good in a rocking chair on the terrace before dinner, as anticipation for the award-winning Slow Food menu mounts... I can promise you that... Greetings from Hannes.


Breakfast in the garden

Every holiday day starts differently - sometimes full of energy, sometimes tired, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy... However, what is always there is the a la carte breakfast. The ideal start to a day full of experiences starts with a range of products from the region on your breakfast plate. Whether it is ham, cheese, eggs, bread, muesli or cake - all from the Nockberge all around Lindenhof. I am an enthusiastic amateur baker and treat you to my creations at the Radlerei and at Lindenhof.


Today there's my rhubarb cake "pure early summer feeling".




Welcome on a new website of life


We are there for you and offer you a HOLIDAY HOME at Lindenhof, far away from home but still at home. Full of joie de vivre and activities. With our new homepage, we would like to present ourselves and show you the variety our refuge has to offer. Take a look and get in touch!

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