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Warm springs and sporting talents: the Bad Kleinkirchheim region amidst the Nockberge biosphere reserve at 1000 metres above sea level made a name for itself early on as a health resort and venue for the skiing World Cup. But depsite the international attention, the village community has never forgotten its rural roots. The cows still graze on the mountain pastures and the old farms are still run with dedication by the younger generation.


enjoy conscientiously and responsibly

Over 30 years ago, the Italian Carlo Petrini founded the Slow Food movement to counter the fast food industry. Since then, millions of people worldwide sit down together for a good, clean and fair meal. They take responsibility for conscientious enjoyment and support sustainable ingredients from the region. The aim is to preserve and support biological diversity and taste. Out of conviction and dedication.


Slow Food Village Bad Kleinkirchheim



What we eat in future as consumers has a significant influence on our climate and our landscape. This is why Slow Food follows the principle of good, clean and fair.




stands for a full, fresh and healthy eating culture.


  • with the best products from rural Carinthia and the surrounding regions in the Alpine-Adriatic area.



stands for the production of foods in harmony with the environment and health.


  • without burdening the earth's resources, the ecosystems or the environment and without causing harm to people, nature or animals.



stands for fair conditions, fair prices for all producers and social justice.


  • from manufacturing and trade to consumption.

What is Slow Food: the philosophy 

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