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The Flow Country Trail

In total, around 1000 altitude metres of downhill fun awaits you, with an average gradient of 8 percent, along a firm gravel stretch - ensuring a wide variety of required techniques.


Experience the flow trail with our local hero – Adrian Krainer

Of course, you feel safest on your own bike. However, we explicitly recommend a mountain bike suitable for the terrain, with good shock absorption, brakes and tyres. The Lindenhof bike rental is well stocked, if required. A helmet, knee and elbow protection and cycling gloves are a must. You can also make use of the Nockbike training course right next to Lindenhof as preparation.


Off you go! Either by muscle power - it is around 8km and 300 altitude metres to the Kaiserburgbahn cable car - or by Nockmobile Bike Shuttle. When taking the Kaiserburgbahn cable car, a friendly employee will help you load the bicycles - what a service!



Upon arrival at the peak station at 2055 metres above sea level, the stone entrance gate to the Flow Trail is right in front of you. Finally, the moment is here, the start of Europe's longest Flow Country trail, inviting you to enjoy a unique bike experience! In section 1, we let ourselves glide from curve to curve and from hill to hill, enjoying a unique "flow feeling".


After the initial metres amidst the gently rolling alpine world of the Nockberge, past the chalet Rossalmhütte, the trail becomes a bit flatter in section 2 - for a short while a bit of muscle power is required and you have to pedal.



Upon arrival at the chalet Maibrunnhütte, section 3 starts. For us personally, you have now arrived at the most enjoyable part. From here, you head into the forest and you have a roller-coaster feeling with steep curves. The shape crews have really done a great job here and refined the Flow Trail with playful jumps and higher curves.


The beginning of section 4, with a view into the valley, can be deceptive. It seems as if the fun is almost over, but this is illusory. The steep curve combinations get a little trickier and require a bit more technical ability. The finish line is back at the Kaiserburgbahn cable car, where you can decide - go back up again, or go back to the lake and the Lindenhof biker lounge.


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