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In our tour database you will find 15 digital bike tours - just as a small extract if the wide-ranging tours available around Lindenhof. Whether you are touring independently or with a bike guide:



GPS Tour database

The tours contain files to download, a PDF with a roadbook and a PDF with a map extract, altitude profile and descriptions. Detailed tour advice from us goes without saying. Tour sheets and the Nockbike map are available free of charge at the reception. Hannes Nindler offers a wealth of insider tips for all Lindenhof bikers. 




Nockbike Tours


1) Panorama tour Brunnachhöhe - intermediate

This tour will delight bikers, even if it is not easy. It offers scenic uphills and a fabulous mountain world in the area of Grosser Rosennock. Hannes Nindler also has a suggestion for a circuit option from Feld am See of around 1500 altitude metres and 30 km.


2) all around KOLMNOCK - TOUR & TRAIL - difficult

A mountain bike tour with many highlights and a peak cross experience at Kaiserburg. Forest roads, forest trails and a bit of tarmac alternate, offering mountain bikers all facets up to an altitude of 1900 metres. From Lindenhof 1300 altitude metres along 28 km.



3) two lakes TOUR - TOUR & TRAIL - difficult

A technically demanding tour with few altitude metres along two romantic lakes. It is underestimated by many and seen as a beginners' tour - but trails with roots and steep ascents await you. From Lindenhof 300 altitude metres along 13 km




4) up and down: FELDPANnALM aND ALTER ALMWEG - TOUR & TRAIL - difficult

This tour is quite something for fit bikers, starting right at Lindenhof. First 750 altitude metres up to Feldpannalm along the road, then after a short break a fast-paced descent along the "Alter Almweg" signature trail to Feld am See. Hannes loves this tour - perfect for a power ride! In 1.5 hours you are back to where you started and feel revitalised.




5) the FeldpannAlm tour - tour & trail / e-mountainbike - intermediate

The starter tour into the Nockbike area for ambitious bikers - and at our favourite mountain village, the chalets Wegerhütte and Rieserhütte await you with the best Kaiserschmarren (pancake strips) in the region. From Lindenhof 800 altitude metres along 18 km


6) Panorama tour lake millstatt- tour & trail / e-mountainbike  - intermediate

The panorama tour will entice you with beautiful views of Lake Millstatt and a challenging root trail along the Mirnock ridge. From Lindenhof 750 altitude metres along approx. 26 km



7) Kärnten Wasserreich Tour - tour & trail / e-mountain bike - intermediate

This circuit takes you to the idyllic Feldpannalm with a cheese dairy worth seeing. It runs largely along forest paths and offers beautiful views into two valleys. Inside tip from the host: turn the tour around - from Lindenhof 1100 altitude metres, 26 km




As the name reveals, the circuit leads into the ski resort of the downhill world champion and Olympic winner. The route runs largely along forest paths with a pleasant gradient and beautiful views of the World Cup ski resort Bad Kleinkirchheim. From Lindenhof 1400 altitude metres along 30 km.




An intermediate-level tour at a medium altitude above Lake Millstatt, with beautiful views and great chalets. Also an enjoyable tour by e-bike. Starting point (Badehaus in Millstatt) 27 km, 1250 altitude metres



10) cable car, peak cross & SUPERTRAIL - TOUR & TRAIL - difficult

This mountain bike tour leads us from Lindenhof to Bad Kleinkirchheim to the Kaiserburgbahn cable car, which takes us 800 altitude metres up and from there we use muscle power to reach the peak of Wöllaner Nock. After a unique all-round view, aorund 1200 altitude metres of high-class downhill trails await us. From Lindenhof 650 altitude metres up / 25 km / 1200 altitude metres down.






Nockbike Trails

waymarked and can be combined with your tours

T 9 - Maibrunn trail 1.8 km 100 altitude metres down - easy / S1

The trail runs along forest and meadow paths with some root stretches. Pleasantly flowing and not steep. It leads through two cattle pastures - please ensure due consideration!




T 1 - Alter Almweg 2.9 km 500 altitude metres down - difficult / S2

The Alter Almweg offers challenging trail fun. The surface changes many times from meadow to forest ground, rough stone and root stretches. A straight, uncompromising path cutting across the forest road.


T 8 - Rossalmhütten Trail 2.8 km 390 altitude metres down - intermediate / S1

This is a natural trail with fabulous views. A cattle path with meadow and forest ground, as well as stony stretches. A flowing ride and can be perfectly combined with the Alter Almweg or Bachweg trail.



T 20 - Bachweg Trail 3.1 km, 480 altitude metres down - intermediate / S1

At the beginning a cart track, which then transitions to a narrow forest path, offering meadow, forest ground and roots. Some wet patches also need to be mastered, requiring concentration.



T 25 - Sternen trail 1.8 km, 505 altitude metres down - difficult / S2

A challenging trail with permanent changes of surface and steep terrain steps. Bumpy root stretches and sharp bends require experience and concentration. A brief carrying stretch. A favourite of Hannes Nindler in combination with a break at the Bergfried guesthouse.


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